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FAA Seat and Aisle Regulations

Sec. 25.815  Width of aisle.

The passenger aisle width at any point between seats must equal or exceed the values in the following table:

Passenger seating capacity Minimum passenger aisle width (inches)
Less than 25 in. from floor 25 in. and more from floor
10 or less 112 15
11 through 19 12 20
20 or more 15 20

1A narrower width not less than 9 inches may be approved when substantiated by tests found necessary by the Administrator.

Sec. 25.817  Maximum number of seats abreast.

On airplanes having only one passenger aisle, no more than three seats abreast may be placed on each side of the aisle in any one row.

Sec. 25.785  Seats, berths, safety belts, and harnesses.

(a) A seat (or berth for a nonambulant person) must be provided for each occupant who has reached his or her second birthday.

(c) Each seat or berth must be approved.

(f) Each seat or berth, and its supporting structure, and each safety belt or harness and its anchorage must be designed for an occupant weight of 170 pounds, considering the maximum load factors, inertia forces, and reactions among the occupant, seat, safety belt, and harness for each relevant flight and ground load condition (including the emergency landing conditions prescribed in ยง25.561). 

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